Ebraiding.net Advisory Board
The ebraiding.net Advisory Board has been established to advise the ebraiding.net executive team on issues related to Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care in the United States.
EAB's activities and advice provide the necessary input to ensure that the company's mission statement is fully and well implemented so as to enhance the overall growth of the Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care industries. The 10-member Advisory Board assists ebraiding.net in maintaining a complete and accurate understanding of Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care issues critical to the success of the implementation of the organization's programs.
Composed of eminent professionals from different sectors, the diverse memberships of the Board assure the expertise reflecting the full breadth of ebraiding.net's responsibilities in the Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care environment in the United States.
Members are appointed by the ebraiding.net executive team.

Fronita Williams
Position:ebraiding.net Advisory Board Member: Lobbying and Legislative Issues

A Native of NE Florida, I am the third child of four by my parents.? ? Raised by the church (Our family attended), the Community, and a Single-parenting divorced mother, who dedicated 36 years of her life to the U S Government.? ? Now retired, her duties were that of Civilian Sr. Supervisor- Analytical Systems Specialist, of the Trident Refit facilities (U S Navy) N Florida and SE Georgia sectors. She's taught me a lot.? ? In becoming first a Girl Scout, I too am a public servant and have been for more than 25 years.? ? My real life duties began as a volunteer Candy striper in my entire 11th grade year, followed by completion of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, before my senior year began.? ? I graduated Robert E Lee HS in 1983, and was already working as an Office Assistant in various hospital departments such as, the Lab and X-ray.? ? A few years later in 1986, the conception of my first daughter (I have two), brought on the realization that I needed to become better educated and more economically fit.? ? Two years following in 1988, I graduated from a technical College, Flagler Career Institute (a NE Fl branch) as an NBRC certified Respiratory Therapist.? ? Over the next 12 years, I highly enjoyed my duties AND the career choice I'd made.? ? I took great pride in being accepted to work in fine Institutions such as Stanford Children's Research Hospital (Palo Alto, CA), Sisters of Mercy Hospital (San Diego, CA), as well as the VA Medical Center & Training Complex (Palo Alto, CA) to name a few.? ? I specialized in Pediatrics, Trauma, and Head Trauma patients.? ? I received evaluations of excellence.? ? When I was well into this field, and before I allowed myself to become too routined at practicing, I became involved with Out-patient services performing EEGs, EKGs, Holter and Stress test monitoring.? ? I saw a new side to Respiratory Care, and eventually went per-diem into out-side equipment sales and managing home care patients.
As much as my heart-felt duties toward society stood unchanged, my career likes did.? ? This more independent style of working, lead me right into the paths of Retail Sales.? ? Indeed, I quickly found special interest in Sales, Finance and Managing Business.? ? Since the first Retail Sales position in (Aug) 1999, I've acclimated myself to sales in fine exclusive; fashions, furniture and even flowers, and have worked in this Industry ever since.? ? Although living here (can be fun), working and being a resident of Las Vegas, NV (since Sept. 2001), can be rather challenging.? ? With knowing that, I found inside inspirations into growing my own business, making time for studies in; Business Management and Marketing, along with American History, Health and Living, and Social Ethics.? ? I follow teachings in the art of feng shui, and those of Peak Potentials.? ? I like M e n s a, winning at bid-wiss, and watching NFL football, to only name a few of my hobbies.? ? I am known to volunteer in state and federally operated projects; Elections Dept. is one of my favorites.? ? I am (ASL) American Sign Language literate, and with this, as with all other talents, will use them to build an ingenuitive, success driven company made to help people in many areas of their lives.? ? "I grew into Learned, by just learning how to grow".

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