Ebraiding.net Advisory Board
The ebraiding.net Advisory Board has been established to advise the ebraiding.net executive team on issues related to Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care in the United States.
EAB's activities and advice provide the necessary input to ensure that the company's mission statement is fully and well implemented so as to enhance the overall growth of the Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care industries. The 10-member Advisory Board assists ebraiding.net in maintaining a complete and accurate understanding of Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care issues critical to the success of the implementation of the organization's programs.
Composed of eminent professionals from different sectors, the diverse memberships of the Board assure the expertise reflecting the full breadth of ebraiding.net's responsibilities in the Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care environment in the United States.
Members are appointed by the ebraiding.net executive team.

Laquita Thomas-Banks
Position:ebraiding.net Advisory Board Member-Press, Advertising, PR

Laquita Thomas-Banks has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland and has been professionally writing/editing for over 15 years. She has been doing hair for over 25 years. Laquita started her own hair styling business at the age of 13. She loves combining her Journalism skills and knowledge of natural hair by writing about DIY styling/maintenance techniques, bargain product finds, as well as product recipes that she has learned through her natural hair journey.

Throughout her career, Laquita has worked for media outlets, both print and online, and has contributed to several natural hair blogs, and online magazines. Currently, she is a fulltime editor and freelance writer. She is also the creator of All Naptural blog, which focuses on styling and maintaining natural hair, the DC Natural Hair Examiner for Examiner.com, and CEO of up and coming Bobeam Natural Hair Products.

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