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Saundra Bratton
Saundra Bratton
Regional Coordinator - Hawaii & Asian Pacific Area

SAUNDY BRATTON (Founder and CEO, Braids Hawaii)
The hallmarks of Braids Hawaii are a continuing commitment to furthering the professionalism within the Hair Braiding sector and advancing the Artistic standards for hair braiding worldwide.  
Total customer service and satisfaction” are the hallmarks of Braids Hawaii - with the added “Hawaiian Aloha Spirit” coupled with a caring and personal touch by all of the master braiders that serve you at Braids Hawaii.  
Braids Hawaii LLC stands for quality assurance, mastery touch, and innovation that is unequaled in braiding services.
“Ms. Saundy”, the founder and CEO, is reputed for crafting the braids vision to achieve the goals of being a “class apart” when it comes to braiding, interlocking and other hair styles as Braids Hawaii offers a unique blend of acumen, quality service credited with good personal relationships and continued operational improvement.
Braids Hawaii LCC, over the years has built a responsive relationship with her teeming customers, a relationship which has consistently engendered good service delivery by aligning expertise, creativity and initiatives with business goals as well as substantial improvement to good performance.
With over 30 years of consistency, integrity, track records and experience, Saundy has established herself as a “Master Braider” in all aspects within the Asia-Pacific region and world in general.

With a formal education in the field of Nursing and now working in the Natural Hair care for 30 years; Braids Hawaii under “Ms. Saundy” is highly reputed for quality hair-braiding, weaving, extensions, dread locking among others.
With her reputation for total customer satisfaction, “Ms. Saundy” has developed a well earned reputation for providing first class braiding services with unequaled artistic hair braiding styles. At Braids Hawaii, quality and professionalism are not just words; rather, they are the assured standards of service that each and every customer will receive at Braids Hawaii.
At Braids Hawaii, we remain focused on excellence in design and breaking new grounds in braiding styles and quality of work to be a clear leader in Hawaii and worldwide for braiding services.  Such high standards have availed Braids Hawaii the opportunity to be on-call stylist for many movie stars that vacation here in Hawaii as well as the braider for many Basketball and Football clients for Pro-bowl events held yearly here in Hawaii.
As a Natural Hair artist, “Ms Saundy” is very happy to be able serve clients from two hair braiding salon locations in Waikiki while providing general services to all of the Hawaiian Islands and other Islands within the Pacific based upon special services consultations/services.
At Braids Hawaii, we continue to push the frontiers of braiding art by continuing to create unique designs and patterns. Braids Hawaii clearly represents the “leading edge” in quality and artful hair designs. Master Braider “Ms Saundy” represents the essence of creativity and the highest level of professionalism within the islands.

Braids Hawaii opened her Hawaii location in November 2003 and is conveniently located at the entrance of the beautiful Waikiki at 1415 Kalakaua Ave, Suite 216 (intersection of King St and Kalakaua Ave.). Telephone number: 808-951-9700.

Braids Hawaii is a formal member of:

-The American Hair Braiders-
-Natural Hair-care Association (AHNHA)-
-Better Business Bureau-
-African American Commercial Council Hawaii-
-AADCCH African American Diversity Cultural Center Hawaii
Visit Braids Hawaii website at to see all aspects of Braids Hawaii to include driving instructions of how to get to our main salon.

The professional stylist at Braids Hawaii look forward to meeting your braiding requirements with total customer satisfaction and service  - Aloha and Mahalo !!!

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